Little Fish: Echo Park Seafood Sensation

Little Fish: Echo Park Seafood Sensation

Food lovers, get ready to taste! The much-talked-about fish pop-up called Little Fish has opened its first real restaurant in Echo Park. Also, guess what? They’re not just good at fish magic. Let’s get into the tasty details!

Little Fish, Up from Pop-Up to Perfect in Echo Park

Little Fish began as a small business in Echo Park in September 2020. Anna Sonenshein and Niki Vahle, the creative minds behind it, dealt with the problems caused by the pandemic but used it as a chance to share their food creations. From their home, they quickly became famous for the delicious fish they made.

Always and Always a Seafood Haven

They used to be a pop-up, but now they’re a real restaurant at 1608 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park. You can get a lot of different kinds of food at Little Fish; they don’t just serve fish. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so there’s something for everyone.

Breakfast Blast

Get your day off to a good start with tasty breakfast choices in Echo Park. You could make tartines with smoked whitefish and pickled trout or porridges with fish and mushrooms. For a fun breakfast, try cottage cheese pancakes if you’re feeling up for something new. Little Fish wants everyone to feel welcome, so the breakfast menu has something for everyone, even if fish isn’t your thing.

Lunchtime Treats

As the day goes on, Little Fish keeps giving us good things. For lunch, there are many tasty options, such as tri-tip steak sandwiches, broccoli rabe melts, and salads that make your mouth water, like the standard wedge or a chicory Caesar with celery, Parmesan, and breadcrumbs. But hold on to your taste buds, because Little Fish’s famous fried fish sandwiches come out after 11 a.m. Picture white fish fillets that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, surrounded by Kewpie mayonnaise, dill pickles, and gooey American cheese. Taste alert!

Finding Goodness and Enjoying Sustainability

Anna Sonenshein and Niki Vahle care a lot about using good materials. They make sure that every bite is a burst of freshness by using local and sustainable food. It’s all about making food the best way possible at Little Fish, from carefully studying the ingredients to carefully cooking them.

Don’t waste or want anything

Little Fish in Echo Park wants to cut down on cooking waste as much as possible. They do something different by using every part of the fish. The skins of the fish crisp up and taste great on top of the wedge salad. The bones of the fish are given new life by boiling them in water to make porridge stock. It’s not just about good taste; it’s also about taking care of the earth.

A Growth Journey

Little Fish has grown a lot since it started in a home kitchen. It is now at Smorgasburg and other pop-ups around town. Anna Sonenshein says it’s been growing by leaps and bounds. With their first real-life location, the Little Fish magic is now ready to charm even more taste buds.

So, people who like fish and people who like breakfast should go to Little Fish in Echo Park. Get ready to go on a trip through food where each dish tells a story of love, flavour, and a touch of the sea.