Salt Bae Burger Adventure: From Fame to Closure

Salt Bae Burger Adventure: From Fame to Closure

Once upon a time in the busy streets of Manhattan, there was this burger joint called Salt Bae Burger. The guy running the show was none other than Nusret Gökçe, or as we all know him, Salt Bae. He became famous not just for burgers but for doing this cool thing where he’d sprinkle salt in a fancy way. Videos of him gracefully bouncing salt off his arm flooded social media, making him a food sensation. So, with all that fame, he decided to bring the Salt Bae magic to burgers in New York. But, you know, things didn’t go as planned.

Salt Bae Burger : The Salt Bae Sensation

Salt Bae got famous for sprinkling salt, and it wasn’t just any salt sprinkle – it was like a work of art. People loved it. So, riding high on this fame, Salt Bae Burger thought, “Why not bring this magic to burgers?” And that’s how Salt Bae Burger was born, with hopes of winning over the hearts and taste buds of New Yorkers.

Salt Bae Burger Adventure: From Fame to Closure

Salt Bae Burger : A Rocky Start in the Burger Quest

Salt Bae Burger opened its doors in late February 2020. Bad timing, though, as the city went into Covid-19 lockdowns right after. Starting a burger joint during a pandemic wasn’t a smooth ride. Challenges popped up left and right, making it tough to make a mark in a city crazy about burgers.

Salt Bae Burger : The Pink Buns Controversy

In its early days, Salt Bae Burger got some heat for its marketing moves. One, in particular, was offering a “ladies burger” – a small veggie burger in pink buns, exclusively for women. But guess what? That move didn’t sit well and stirred up accusations of sexism, putting the burger joint in a bit of trouble.

Salt Bae Burger : The Worst Restaurant Label

As time passed, Salt Bae Burger’s couldn’t shake off the bad reviews. It ended up with the title of “The Worst Restaurant In NYC Right Now.” Yeah, not the best rep, especially when New Yorkers are known for being picky about their burgers.

The Impact of the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Opening a burger joint right before Covid-19 hit? Tough luck. With restrictions in place, Salt Bae Burger’s struggled to get people through the doors during a time when many were careful about going out. The pandemic didn’t make things any easier for this burger adventure.

Salt Bae’s Signature Move

One thing that never changed was Salt Bae’s cool salt sprinkle. Every dish got that extra flair. Even though the burger’s joint closed down, people still remember the magic touch that Salt Bae brought to the table.

The End of an Era

After three years of flipping burgers and dealing with loads of criticism, Salt Bae Burger’s had to call it quits. The once-popular burger spot in Manhattan is now part of the city’s food history. As Salt Bae’s burger venture wraps up, it’s a moment to look back at the ups and downs of this tasty journey.